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Safety when repairing a car

How to ensure your safety

And so, having read in the article about all this, you thought (probably) that you need to wear a helmet and be in armored protection so that your favorite car will not damage you when repairing. But in fact, everything is not so, to remain safe when repairing your own and any car is quite simple.

Now you already know what things you need to pay attention to when repairing. We offer you some tips and advice that will certainly help you keep yourself safe during the repair work with the car. Keep in mind here that this is not an exhaustive list (s) of such recommendations, but only a small part of them, which will help you to remain safe in the maintenance of the vehicle. Especially such tips will help those who are just beginning to acquire their first experience in the repair of motor vehicles.

Wear gloves with long sleeves or bells and do not wear loose and hanging special clothing.
The easiest way to protect yourself from oil, coolant or fuel on your skin is to wear gloves. Disposable latex gloves are suitable for this. But such gloves are only suitable for replacing liquids; they will not protect you from cuts or bruises. That's why you need to use nylon or leather gloves, which, although not completely waterproof, but still easily help protect the hands of a person (repairman) from automotive fluids and from damage (injury).

Also, it is necessary to use a special jumpsuit, which will keep the liquid from getting on the skin, protect the entire body well and at the same time keep clothes clean.

Please note that when repairing a car, wearing loose clothes is extremely risky, since she can hook onto any parts of the car itself (for example, about a timing chain link or another moving part of the car). For this reason, try to put on clothes that will not hang down.

Always use jack stands
Your car body is probably equipped with a special jack for the jack, which is necessary for the car to keep firmly on the lifting mechanism. But if you look, you can see the following, there are many accidents all over the world every day related to when the car jumps off the jack and damages the master himself. For a more reliable retention of the machine on the weight it is necessary to use compact best jack stands. True, before installing such devices, you must make sure that those capable of withstanding the weight of the machine.

Also, for additional confidence that the car will not fall, you can also use a jack together with the jack stands, which will serve as a secondary safety measure. It will be an additional guarantee that the car will not overturn and fall directly on you.

Allow the machine to cool prior to repairing or servicing.
One of the most common classical mistakes in safety of repair work for inexperienced or very young craftsmen lies in the following, for example, in unscrewing the radiator valve cover on a hot engine. Remember that this is very dangerous. After turning off the engine, you must initially and above all get rid of the main source of heat, thus waiting for the engine to cool. It is necessary to remember that while the engine is hot, the coolant in it also remains hot, that for a long time it may be a certain danger for you.

The point here is that the engine cooling system itself while it is still hot is still under high pressure, and will remain until the power unit itself cools down completely. If you open the radiator cap or expansion tank in a hot condition, the antifreeze can instantly shoot out under existing pressure, which will cause you serious harm. Hot coolant can cause severe skin and eye burns.

Also, please do not forget that during a hot engine, you cannot carry out any repair under the hood or under the car, since in addition to the engine, many components of the car are usually very hot, for example, starting from the catalytic converter and ending with the same box gears.

Therefore, we must remember that even if you are not eager to start repairing a car as soon as possible, then it is better to wait and wait for a certain time until the car cools down and equals the temperature of your wrench .

How to wash the car

For many car owners, weekends are not only associated with rest after a hard day at work. Many at the weekend are sent by car to the car wash or to the place where you can wash the car yourself. Unfortunately for us, most car owners wash their cars not so much as to maintain its ideal condition, but simply for themselves. After all, a clean car gives many car owners a certain psychological feeling of satisfaction. Of course, in general, it is definitely good if you wash your car so often. Due to the frequent washing of the machine, you retain its appearance for long times. But not always so frequent washing of the car leads to a positive effect, especially if you don't know and don't follow certain rules at the car wash. We offer you our answers to certain and frequently asked questions, which relate specifically to washing the vehicle.

When do you need to wash the car?

Wrong .- It is necessary to wait for the time when a sufficient layer of dirt forms on the body of the car, and this is not at all the case. The most dangerous thing here is that you delay the time with washing the car, because pollution from bird droppings or road reagents can form on the car body. It is these contaminants that can spoil the protective coating of the paintwork of the car body, which can later lead to the repainting of a particular auto body part.

Attention! Contamination of the car body with bird droppings and even for a short time may cause damage to the body cover. As a result, you may need in the future, at least, grinding and polishing elements of body parts.

That's right .- Any dangerouscontaminationthat has formed on the car should be washed off as soon as possible, i.e. to remove. Wash your car once a week by waxing its body. Thus, you will maximally protect the car body from various unnecessary pollution.

there is a chemical plant in your area that releases heavy chemical elements into the atmosphere, be sure to wash the machine 2 times a week, as some chemical elements in industrial areas of the city or village can damage the paintwork of a car body in a fairly short time. In addition, in the winter season the vehicle must be washed as often as in the first case, since on almost all roads in our country one can observe firsthand a certain amount of chemical anti-icing reagents in them, which in a relatively short time can damage the paint coat .

What tools should be used for washing the car?

Wrong .- Many drivers, in their ignorance, often usehousehold cleaners for cleaning thecar, which is naturally not possible to do. For example, in no case should you use a simple laundry soap or dishwashing detergent, as well as various chemical glass cleaners in the house for washing the car.

That's right .- Remember. You need and need touse only car shampoo, which was specifically designed for automatic washes. This shampoo has a special chemical composition, which does not affect the paintwork of the car body at all. When washing the car, try to use a sponge made of natural materials. Take care that the sponge has enough foam for applying shampoo on the car body.

Very often inside the wheels there is difficult-to-remove dirt, which must be removed. A simple car shampoo like carbon on wheels you will not be able to wash off. For this procedure, you may need special chemicals that can be purchased at any store in the car cosmetics department. Try to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove such contamination.

When cleaning tires and wheels, use a separate sponge or cloth, as these elements of the machine can be contaminated with sand, contain dust and other small particles of dirt from the brake pads, which can damage the paintwork of the car body when washing the car body with one sponge.

If stubborn dust is not completely removed from the wheels due to difficult accessibility, use a vacuum cleaner for this and collect any dirt remaining from the disks.